Welcome to the West Virginia All - State Band Website! We hope that you find this site user - friendly and helpful in finding updated information, audition requirements and audition postings for the West Virginia All - State Band. This site also will serve as a communications link between the All - State Band Chair, the Instrumental Music Educators of West Virginia and the West Virginia Bandmasters.


The 2016 West Virginia Music Educators Conference will be held in Huntington, WV, March 17-19.  The 2016 West Virginia All - State Band conductor will be Mr. David Saleeba Albert.


WVMEA Policy Statement: Student Eligibility for All-State Ensembles


In order to be eligible for participation in a WVMEA All-State Ensemble, a student must:

1.      Be enrolled and participate in a school ensemble that regularly rehearses and performs within the local school district wherein he/she resides with his/her parents or legal guardians.  Exceptions may be made when there is no eligible ensemble within the student’s district (e.g., no elementary choir, or orchestra for strings players).  Each All-State Chairperson will determine student eligibility in these exceptions.

2.      Be sponsored by their primary ensemble director/teacher, who must be an active member of WVMEA.

3.      Be accompanied to the annual WVMEA conference by his/her teacher who must be registered to attend.


Home-schooled students are eligible to apply for WVMEA All-State Groups only if they are enrolled and participate in a school ensemble that regularly rehearses and performs within the local school district wherein they reside with their parents or legal guardians.  Home-schooled students must participate in a similar ensemble for which they are applying (i.e., choral applicants in choral ensembles, instrumental applicants in instrumental ensembles).


Participation in community ensembles does not constitute the fulfillment of ensemble membership requirements.  Students must attend a school registered with the West Virginia Department of Education to participate.


If any ineligible student is found participating in an All-State ensemble, he/she will be removed.  He/she will be declared ineligible to audition the next year if he/she meets requirements and All-State application fees or participation fees will be returned.


Should any WVMEA member knowingly sign an All-State application for an ineligible student, no applications signed by that WVMEA member will be accepted the next year.



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